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Alone Time

People are giving me grief about not blogging (I’m looking at you, Peter and Keaton), but hey, life’s busy. Anyone who wants to fill in the gaps with a nice guest blog post is welcome. In the meantime, I’m trying to find a little peace and quiet to do things, like, oh, write. But it’s […]

You, Me, and a Bottle of Wine (Minus You)

When Pie came home from school today, she said, “Mommy! You had a lot of candy today, didn’t you!” “Huh?” I cleverly responded. “You had a real lot of candy today! I see a lot of candy wrappers in the garbage! Exactly how much candy did you eat today?” I ate a f*ckload of candy. […]

What’s Up with Jenny Brown (European Version)

First Dubai Jenny Brown started living it up. Now, it’s worse. Now there’s Genoa Jenny Brown. I would like it known that Genoa Jenny Brown is having infinite more fun than both Dubai Jenny Brown and Boston Jenny Brown. I cite as proof this e-mail that was mistakenly sent to my e-mail account: Hello to […]


I’m thinking it’s time to rename this blog to the “Bite Me Blog.” Because that’s the sentiment I seem to be expressing the most here. I’ve been in a mood. Why am I in a mood? It could be so many things. But let’s start with (a partial list of) what it’s not: It’s not […]

Home Alone

The hubby is out of town. So it’s time to get crazy. Tonight, I pulled out all the stops. After the kiddos were in bed, and I was all alone in the house, I did the one thing I can only do when Adam is out of town. Oh yeah. You know it! I watched […]

The Post in Which I Am Grumpy

Call me Scrooge. Or should it be Ghoulge? I hate Halloween. We belong to a Conservative synagogue, and some members don’t celebrate Halloween. Oh, sure, they’ll pass out candy to those who ring their door bell. But no dressing up, no going out, no decorations, no frights. Sometimes I wish we were a more religious […]

The Book of Life

I don’t talk much about religion here, because my feelings are so ambivalent. But while I’m not sure where I stand in terms of my beliefs in a higher power, I have strong attachments to tradition. I love knowing that what I’m doing has been done countless times before me by my ancestors. My father […]

iPhone Talk

Tuesday Me: Have you ordered my iPhone 5 yet? Adam: You know they may not announce an iPhone 5. There’s talk that it’ll be a iPhone 4s. Me: I. Want. My. iPhone. 5. NOW! Adam: Okay, Veruca. Tuesday afternoon: Other people at dance class were talking about phones, so I jumped in. Me: I totally […]

Conversations I Probably Should Not Be Having with My Children

Boston is famous for its drivers. We even have a special term for them. They’re called Massholes. For me, personally, though, the word uttered most frequently while driving is “a$$wipe.” I don’t know where the word came from. I don’t know why I say it. I never use the term outside of my car. But […]

Pancakes at Sunrise for Sunrise

Pancakes. Pancakes is where this story is going to end. (Every blog post reminds me of a song. This time, I’m humming the Sunday’s “Here’s Where the Story Ends.” I should figure out how to post a playlist on this blog so you can get the same damn tunes stuck in your head.) Pancakes. But […]