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We have achieved furnitureage.

August 3rd, 2002 § Comments Off on § permalink

If when you come over to visit the living room seems a little dark, it is. Adam and I have decided that instead of painting a second coat, we’d just keep the lights dim.

Things you’d think I would have learned by now:

1) If you get paint on your shoe and then walk across the floor, you will get paint on the floor.

2) Likewise, if you have paint on your hand and then touch, oh, say your hair, you will get paint in your hair.

3) If you’ve just painted the baseboard, it’s best not to lean on it when trying to paint the window above it.

4) Corollary: paint from the top down.

5) If you dance to A3 (and who doesn’t dance when A3 is on?) with a paint brush in your hand, paint will splatter everywhere.

Despite the fact that Adam had “issues” with the way I paint, we finished the living room, the only one we were feeling pressured to finish before the movers arrive. Adam has this weird way of painting, something he keeps calling “Slowly and Carefully.” He gets annoyed with my method, which I believe is equally effective, “Fast and Fast.” Apparently I don’t angle, I dab. I don’t brush, I squash.

The rest of the house will get done over time. The upstairs bathroom and the library should be done by early next week, but we’re going to sleep in the guest bedroom so we can get all the wallpaper out of the bedroom, which could take a good while. The kitchen and offices (downstairs and up) we’ll have done because the walls need a little work at the same time. And then there are all the other things we want to get done… patience has never been my virtue.

In the meantime, we’ve been sleeping on a sleeping bag on the floor. But we have phone and cable and our cable modem, so things are moving in the right direction. And now, it’s time to go to floor.

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