Sappiness Is in the Air

November 17th, 2014 § 2 comments

I do snark well. I do grumpy. I’m pretty much an expert on whining. But posting things of pure joy is an alien notion to me. And yet… I am happy. No, not happy. Ecstatic.

I’ve said it plenty of times on Facebook, and I’ll say it again here: I don’t do sappy. When Adam and I choose to express our feelings for each other, we dwell in the practical, not the mushy. For instance, he’s been traveling a ton, from time zone to time zone (seriously, in the past four weeks, he’s gone San Francisco=>Boston=>Dublin=>Boston=>Los Angeles=>Boston=>and at this moment he is in Rome), so when he was home over the weekend, he was pretty exhausted. He was passed out asleep on Saturday morning when I went downstairs at 5 a.m. to get stuff done. I realized, though, just after I had shut the door closed tight (our loud door) that I had left my Fitbit in the room. Risk waking him? Or lose the steps? You know how much I care about someone when I am willing to forgo the steps. I spent an hour doing step-filled chores without my Fitbit, waiting for him to wake. Thank goodness he rose before I had to go on my run, because that would have tested the limits of my love. And in return, Adam shows his affection in his own way, like before he left for the airport today, he made sure to pick me up a case of my favorite wine. He’ll be gone for three nights. A case should just about cover it.

So when I say that I there is something that is making me deliriously happy, overjoyed, practically turning cartwheels (okay, that’s an exaggeration: cartwheels make me motion sick) you can be sure I’m serious. What is it? Well, because I don’t want to double post, I’m going to ask you (beg you?) to rush on over to my other blog at to find out what it is. (And, no! I’m not pregnant. This uterus is all boarded up, thank you very much.) Are you still here? Don’t mosey! Go! Now! To the blog!

Now, to clean the sap off my hands. Or rather, maybe I won’t. I’m enjoying it all too much for the moment.

§ 2 Responses to Sappiness Is in the Air"

  • Angela Cook says:

    I cheated and went to the other blog first 😉 This makes my heart so happy 🙂 I know how long and hard you’ve been working on this book. Wishing you all the best.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you so much, Angela! It means a lot coming from you who has also been down this loooooong path!

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