Sister Sister

April 11th, 2013 § 1 comment

So apparently yesterday was some new ridiculous made-up holiday called Sibling Day. If Wikipedia says it, then you know it must be so. Alas, I was blissfully unaware of this holiday until the profusion of Facebook posts and articles on Huffington Post.

Now, while I’m not buying into any cheesy holiday–and I know my sister has my back on this–who am I to refuse a chance to post this lovely picture of my sister and I on a trip to New York City in 1982. My expression tells you everything you need to know about me, my state of mind, and what I thought of being a 14 year old on a trip with her grandparents to New York. And yes, you may be jealous of my glasses. They were totally bitchin’.


This charming photo was taken during my “I’m a film student therefore everything I do must be arty” phase (although this was taken about six months after I graduated college). I dragged Tweeds to Europe and then proceeded to pose her awkwardly in every tourist site we passed. This is a photo of us taken in a mirror. I have no idea at what we were looking.

Yes, I did not acknowledge Sibling Day. But then neither did she. And my current favorite person is Keaton, as she is the person who most recently brought me Peeps. Yes, folks. That is right. My affections can be bought with cold, hard Peeps. (I mean “hard,” too; Peeps are best stale.)

So, Tweeds, next year you’ll have to step up your game. I will expect you to wake me up with a peanut butter sandwich and a Diet Coke. Otherwise, you can forget about me driving you to school in a timely manner. And you know you hate being late for debate.


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  • Tweedle Twerp says:

    I hated being late for school, but English was first period, not debate. I no longer need to be at school so early, so perhaps instead of breakfast I’ll bring you an after-school snack of Stouffer’s french-bread pizza.

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