April 13, 1775

April 14th, 2013 Comments Off on April 13, 1775

Keaton and I are both nursing injuries so instead of our Saturday morning run, we decided we’d take a civilized walk in Lexington. We were going at a brisk pace, taking in the chilly, but pleasant spring morning. Other locals were walking as well.


Yet we were fairly we were startled by a lone Redcoat.

He took a look at my iPhone, shot me an evil eye, and said, “Witchcraft!”

Moving along, we noticed that the British seemed to be setting up camp.


And they were well armed.


We were only somewhat reassured to see the Minutemen were gearing up, though they look to be a ragtag bunch.

Yet, as we were headed back to our cars, we were forced off our path by these soliders, and we were bolstered by their confidence.

Tomorrow morning we’ll all head out to the Green in Lexington. I’m just hoping there won’t be any trouble there.

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