The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December 17th, 2012 Comments Off on The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Don’t you just love that post-holiday feeling? The presents have been given. The food has been made and consumed. The decorations put away. Just that post-holiday glow as you prepare to head on your winter vacation? I know! It’s probably my favorite time of year, too!


Wait, what? Your holiday hasn’t happened yet? You’re still in the throes of shopping, cooking, stressing? Suckas! We are so done! “It’s the most wonderful time of year…”

And I received an awesome present to boot from my hubby, who when he goes rogue off my Amazon wishlist, always manages to get it right!

That baby is going to be framed and hung in my office!

By the way, those of you who are here reading my blog. Take a break and go read this new blog on the block: An Awesome Person’s Blogs. It’s okay, I’ll wait. Did you see that? Did you see who has a blog now? Yep, my boy, Doodles, has started his own blog, and I’m embarrassed to admit, he’s updating more than I am. So go on. Subscribe to it. Read it. Comment on it. You won’t be sorry.

Okay, now back to me, because that’s what really counts around here. I’ve been working, working, working on my novel, and I sent it in to my agent. Whoo hoo! And she turned it right back around to me to work on some more. Just what every writer wants to hear.

Which means I need to go get myself another Old Fashioned. Because I need to write drunk. The editing will come later.

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