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Football Loyalty

Lest you think my son is the only one who amuses us, note this conversation I recently had with my nine-year-old daughter. I happened to be at her class’s library time at the elementary school. The kids are into polls these days. As in “Who/what do you like better? X or Y?” A boy came […]

The Post in Which I Go Just a Little Too Far

Before we begin, let me say this is a TMI post. If you don’t want to know that much about us, then just mosey along. Still here? Okay. I’m hesitant to write half of the conversations in this house, because while I find my children amusing 1) I’m not sure others will and 2) the […]

Self-Reliance the Hard (or, Rather, Nonexistent) Way

Yesterday morning, Pie comes bounding into the bedroom as I’m getting up. Pie: Do we have blueberries? Me: Why, yes, I believe we got pack from Boston Organics last week. Pie: May I make blueberry muffins? Me: That sounds like a great idea. Go flip through one of your kid cookbooks and find a recipe. […]

Interview with a 9 Year Old

Me: What was last Monday? 9 year old: My birthday. Me: If your birthday was on Monday, why am I interviewing you on Friday? 9 year old: Because on my birthday we were full–we were busy–and so we didn’t have time and we never got to do it because we had to do other stuff […]

The Squeals Heard Round the World

Things in this house that were either misguided, misconstrued, or just plain old wrong (or, in other words, the reason my life of clean living has come to an abrupt end and why I hid in my bedroom until Teen Beach Movie was over and I had to force five tweens to brush their teeth […]

Too Tired

Birthday girl is too tired for her interview tonight. It’ll have to wait till morning….

Interview with an 11 Year Old

Me: What’s today? 11 year old: My birthday. August 23, 2014. Me: How do you know it’s your birthday? 11 year old: Well I know that yesterday was August 22 and tomorrow is August 24, and according to my parents I was born on August 23, and because we are in between August 22 and […]

Clean Living the Hard Way

The kids come home this Sunday. Which means time is running out for my husband. Every night we have this conversation: Him: What do you want for dinner? I can pick something up. Me: Mega Stuf Oreos. Him: Indian? Me: Mega Stuf Oreos. Him: We could do Thai. Me: I want Mega Stuf Oreos. I […]

Sounds of Silence

With the children safely ensconced at camp, you’d think there’d be nothing left to annoy me. Ah, but alas, my husband is home. Cleaning up, he opens our compost trash (the one waiting to be taken outside). Peering, in throws something in, closes it, and then says to me: “Wow, that’s a lot of mold […]

The Courage of Her Convictions

In early May: Pie: I think I want to be a vegetarian to protest the treatment of animals. Me: That sounds good. Pie: Tab has been a vegetarian for two years because she loves animals. Me: I know. She’s the only kid I know who turns down marshmallows on principle. So, what do you want […]