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Adventures in Clean Clothing

Our house broke last week. Normally our house has this special feature, in which I place my clothes in a container in my closet throughout the week, and then on Sunday night, the clothes appear on my bed fresh and folded. That didn’t happen last week. I went to pack on Tuesday night for my […]

Carbo Loading

Before every Passover I make a list of dinners I’ll make during the holiday. This year I had quite a nice list: Baked flounder over tomatoes Kale salad with Meyer lemon vinaigrette Cauliflower-crust pizza Cauliflower cous cous Quinoa-stuffed peppers Which would have been fantastic if we hadn’t ended up eating matzah pizza every night. This […]

What I Have to Deal With*

*Yes, I know, that should read “With What I Have to Deal,” but I’m taking poetic license here because it just sounds too snooty the proper way and I’m going to be writing a snooty post as it is. First, though, I’d like to ask why, given my love of baking and my fondness for […]

What’s Goin’ On*

*You must be humming Marvin Gaye while reading that, please. Tell me what’s going on I’ll tell you ya, what’s going on My to-do list is a mile long, and while I’ve accomplished a lot, none of it has actually been on my list, so my new to-do on my to-do list is to add […]

It Was 50 Years Ago Today…

No, Sergeant Pepper didn’t teach the band to play. That was twenty years ago. Fifty years ago, another act made its debut. You don’t know which one? Don’t worry, neither did my kids, and it’s a heck of a lot more relevant to their lives. When asked what happened fifty years ago today, Doodles said, […]

Little Einsteins

The holiday of Purim just passed and one of the traditions is the giving of mishloach manot, which are baskets of food, traditionally hamantaschen cookies and other yummy things. I’d like to tell you I’m not sitting here working my way through the cookies and candy, but you wouldn’t believe me anyway, so what’s the […]

The Joys of Children

Pie is having a problem with her butt. Excuse, not her butt. Your butt. Your anus, to be precise. “It’s pronounced Yur-uh-ness!” she screeches from across the house. Whatever. Planets were chosen while we were on vacation, so Pie was assigned hers. Yur-uh-ness. Models must be made. The ring of Yur-uh-ness isn’t staying up well […]

Coming Home

We arrived at Newark at 4:20 a.m., after I sat in a middle-middle seat, between my two children for twelve hours. Pie had her head on one leg, the Boy has his on the other, and my butt was numb for about a good four hours while they snoozed. The rest of the time they […]

You Reap What You Sow

Our schedule has been whirlwind, and I’ve barely been able to keep up with my journal, never mind the blog. We went from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea and Masada, headed to the north, visited Sfat and the Golan Heights, and today we drove to Jerusalem via Haifa and the West Bank. I will […]

Ess, Bubelah, Ess!

  The way I see it, as a tourist, the biggest problem with Israel is that there are only three meals in a day. I know when most people think of food, they think Italy or France. But out of all the countries to which we’ve been, hands down Israel is my favorite eating, and […]