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"Romanian Fish," Southeast Review, winner of the 2005 World's Best Short Short Contest, judged by Robert Olen Butler

fiction & creative nonfiction

"In Bulgaria," Sojourn, upcoming 2008
"This Is What I Do," Natural Bridge, Fall 2003
"What I Learned Living in New York," Under the Sun, Summer 1998
"Through the Walls," Amazon journal, Fall 1995
"Road Games," Emeralds in the Ash, September 1995

selected interviews & profiles

"Films in a Flash," Bostonia, Fall 2007
"Trend Spotter," Bostonia, Summer 2007
"Barge of Folly: PW Talks with Paula Fox," Publishers Weekly, September 5, 2005
"The Women Who Dared—and Those Who Didn't: PW Talks with Gail Collins," Publishers Weekly, August 11, 2003
"Living the Life of an 'It' Girl" (Profile of Ashley Williams), Bostonia, Spring 2003
"A Different Kind of Actor" (Profile of Michael Chiklis), Bostonia, Winter 2002-2003
Interviews with the cast of Traffic: Michael Douglas, Benecio Del Toro, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Don Cheadle, and Steven Soderbergh,
Interview with Woody Allen,
Interview with Harrison Ford,
"The Subjective Realities of Ross McElwee,"
"Talking Tae-Bo: An Interview with Billy Blanks,"
"Lock, Stock, and Three Smoking Filmmakers: Interviews with Guy Ritchie, Jason Felmyng, and Jason Statham,"
"Capturing Cold War: An Interview with Jeremy Isaacs,"

selected articles

"SED Partners with Boston Public Schools to Give Students a "Step UP" BU Today, September 13, 2007
"Students Serve the City, Then the World," BU Today, February 21, 2007
"More Than a Pretty Voice: The Opera Institute and Vocal Performance Programs Train the Complete Singer," Esprit, Fall 2005
"Baring bellies for a cause at multiple sclerosis fund-raiser," The Arlington Advocate, August 12, 2004
"Thin Mints, sleepovers, car care?" The Arlington Advocate, June 2, 2004
"You Can Go Home Again," Bostonia, Fall 2003
"The Bookstore Jungle," Bostonia, Fall 2003
"Greek Revival," Bostonia, Summer 2003
"Cracking the Camouflage Ceiling: Chaplain Janet Horton Proves the Military Is a Fine Place for Women," Focus, Spring 2003
"Succeeding the Grand Genre: Three Young Alum Opera Stars Hit the High Notes," Arts, Spring 2003
"Three Themes of Film Festival: Politics, Israel, Memory," The Jewish Transcript, February 9, 2001
"What Makes a Film Festival Jewish?" The Jewish Transcript, January 26, 2001
"Totally Teletubbied,"

selected book reviews

"At War with Whisk and Blender," Cork & Knife, November 28, 2007
"Mastering the Art of Julia Child," Cork & Knife, October 7, 2007
"The No-Cry Discipline Solution," Publishers Weekly, May 7, 2007
"Warm Springs," Publishers Weekly, February 26, 2007
"George and Sam," Publishers Weekly, October 9, 2006
"Diary of an Honest Mum," Publishers Weekly, September 25, 2006
"Searching for Mary Poppins," Publishers Weekly, July 31, 2006
"Packaging Girlhood," Publishers Weekly, July 17, 2006
"Duel in the Sun," Publishers Weekly, January 9, 2006
"Down Came the Rain," Publishers Weekly, February 28, 2005
"Seven Stages of Motherhood," Publishers Weekly, July 19, 2004
"An Innocent, A Broad," Publishers Weekly, February 9, 2004
"Maternal Desire," Publishers Weekly, January 12, 2004
"Mommy Myth," Publishers Weekly, November 24, 2003
"America's Women," Publishers Weekly, August 11, 2003
"Triathloning for Ordinary Mortals,"
"Sunset Limited,"
"The Romance Reader," The Stranger, October 4, 1995

selected film reviews

"The Mummy,"
"American Pie,"
"The Newsroom,"
"Double Indemnity,"
"1900 House,"
"Reindeer Games,"
"Six O'Clock News,"
"Fight Club,"
"Sleepy Hollow,"

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