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Work Not in Progress

For those who have been with me during the misery of the blurbage process, I found this article, “Six Writers Tell All About Covers and Blurbs” to be really comforting. I paricularly like Mark Jude Poirier‘s take on it: Asking for blurbs is humiliating and horrible. If your editor and or publicist can do it […]

How I Hope and I Pray That I Will…

Am I the only one who gets teary eyed at Schoolhouse Rock? Seriously! Every time that Bill becomes a Law, I just want to weep in happiness for him. The pressure in not blogging very often is that when I finally do blog, I know you all think I’m going to have something interesting to […]

The Agony of the Page Proof

Reading your own work is painful. Reading it multiple times is akin to water torture. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not talking about revising. I’ve grown to really love the revision process. Revision is welcome because the bones of the piece are down. I don’t have to worry about “where is this going” and “what […]

Being Judged

The other night we watched Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (and by “we watched,” I mean, I watched while Adam fell asleep on the couch. I admire Joan Rivers a lot. It’s easy to joke about the plastic surgery and the QVC stuff she does, but she really has—to quote Michelle Bachmann—a lot of […]

…The End…

And… it’s… in! I finished revisions to my revisions and my agent is crafting a cover letter and preparing to send my manuscript off into the world. It will be months, most likely, before things really start to happen, but right now, I feel light and happy and free! Yes, I’m still trying to get […]

Fellow Writer

My writing group rocks! My co-writing group buddy, Sheryl Carpenter, is a 2011 Golden Heart YA finalist. Read an interview with her at Luv YA. (YA is Young Adult, for those not in the know.)

The Post After NYC, Which Is Sure to Be a Disappointment

The pressure! How do I follow up my blog posts about NYC and still keep all of you guys interested? I have to say, when I blogged about drinking, all-night bars, and general debauchery, my page hits went up. Not that I care about page hits. Definitely not. But I am curious about who is […]

Blurry Morning

Who filled my house with a swimming pool? At least, that’s what I assumed happened. Because I feel like I’m trying to walk through water. Slow. Sluggish. Not moving very fast. Time is crawling. My revision doesn’t seem to be revising itself. Those who follow me on Twitter or Facebook already know that my weekend […]

Random Thoughts

I am on the Acela headed south to New York City. (Whenever I say “New York City,” I think of that old salsa ad.) So you, my friends (or whoever you are), will be subject to my random thoughts of the moment. —I sent in my marketing materials to my agent, but haven’t gotten feedback […]

Writing Life

Insomnia sucks. I have my rewrite dancing in my head and it won’t go away, so I’ve decided to just get up and obey the force that says, “Work on it already, damn it!” Which would be fine if I weren’t working on it every day as it is. My agent marked it up all […]