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What I Have to Deal With*

*Yes, I know, that should read “With What I Have to Deal,” but I’m taking poetic license here because it just sounds too snooty the proper way and I’m going to be writing a snooty post as it is. First, though, I’d like to ask why, given my love of baking and my fondness for […]

Instrumental Madness

Everyone has crazy, over-scheduled children and the mishegas that goes with that. I’m not alone in the “Who am I taking where today?” mindset. This year’s planning has required extra care: Pie has Hebrew school Tuesday and Thursday (with a friend who comes home with us); Doodles on Monday and Wednesday. Dance on Monday (with […]

Next Time Take It Black

Ten petri dishes growing bacteria are sitting on my dining room table in the name of science. Right now, I’m not a fan of science. The same child who is growing bacteria also had to get himself to school this morning on his own. The girl and I go to a before-school P.E. program (she […]

I Should Be Writing…

I’m about 1/3 of the way through edits on my manuscript, but there are so many more pressing things that I’m having a difficult time focusing on the work. For instance: 1) I’m distressed that my 4th grader has spelling words that not only do I not know how to spell without the help of […]

Such Delicate Little Flowers

Yesterday was gray and snowy. I was sitting warm and cozy at my computer, getting some writing done when the phone rang. Me: Hello? Voice: Hi. My socks got really wet at recess. I need you to bring me new socks. Me: First things first. Which child of mine is this? Voice: Doodles. Me: Okay, […]

The Post in Which My Son Misunderstands the Meaning of “Safety School”

Report cards came out last Friday. Both kids did beautifully, both are right where they should be, perhaps a little ahead in the reading areas. But the third grade teacher sent home a class letter reporting that he was no longer hounding the kids to turn in their reading journals–he was merely giving them one […]

Spelling List… for the Apocalypse

I’ll be honest: Most of my elementary school years are a blur. I mostly remember doing super fun, incredibly dangerous things that I would never ever let my children do today (playing on construction sites? Riding a bike exploring new areas for hours on end? Roaming in the woods?) I think everyone on Facebook has […]

Holiday Happenings

–I’m getting old. I went to Adam’s office party last night. I did not get drunk. I did not saying anything that could potentially get Adam fired. I did not embarrass myself or anyone else. It was a whole different world. There’s no way around it, people: Getting old sucks. I miss the old days […]

Boy Oh Boy

First off, we’re home late because we have to go to instrument pick-up, which is the definition of clusterf*ck, with seven elementary schools picking up instruments at the middle school. The smallest size viola… is still a smidgen big for my peanut. But it’s okay. Because I learned tonight what “I liked the sound of […]

How I Hope and I Pray That I Will…

Am I the only one who gets teary eyed at Schoolhouse Rock? Seriously! Every time that Bill becomes a Law, I just want to weep in happiness for him. The pressure in not blogging very often is that when I finally do blog, I know you all think I’m going to have something interesting to […]