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Absolute Corruption

Can’t speak of this, because the phones might be tapped. I suspect this blog is being monitored. All I know is we’re in Miami Beach, and corruption is afoot. Miami is well known for corruption. And I could tell stories about the strange things I’ve seen here as a kid (and, as a matter of […]


This morning when I woke up, I thought about a run. My general rule is that if the temperature is above 20 degrees, I’m willing to run in it solo. I’ll run in lower temperatures, but only with friends. A quick peek at showed the temperature was 23 degrees. I was excited for a […]

Post-Bourbon Blues

Ah, the return to civilization. It’s never pretty, is it? That forced detox when the bourbon doesn’t come three times a day (although to be honest, the first drink of the day was generally vodka as we never made it to the brunch that serves a bourbon bloody Mary, and I did love the gin-focused […]

Rough Life

Vacation dilemma #1: What will the holiday drink be? I’m a firm believer that Whiskey Sours shouldn’t be drunk when it’s above 50 degrees. Mojitos? Possibly. A little out of season, but still acceptable in this 78 degree weather. Lemon-Drop Martinis? Always a safe go-to drink. Tonight, alone with my husband (can you imagine?) at […]

Beach Bound

I am wearing Miami Beach shoes on a Boston morning. Cold tosies! We had a mad dash this morning, getting the house clean for our house sitters (the smell of latke oil lasts for months), but we made it out. Traveling with not-so-little kids is so different than traveling with little kids. For starters, I […]

Who Are We? Out for Kicks…

…Senior, Senior ’86! Yes, I’m that old. Yes, my 25th high school reunion is this Saturday. Bite me, people. I’m 43. Get over it. Anyhoo, I’m not going to Miami Beach this lovely weekend in November, where the drinking is hot and so is the weather. I had planned on it, but life got complicated, […]

Home Again, Home Again

The boat is emptied of children, the last café con leche has been drunk, and the girl’s tears over leaving sunshine and Nana have been dried. The trip is officially over and we’re heading back to slushy Massachusetts. Sigh. But it’s only temporary because I’ve convinced the family to move back to Miami Beach. And […]

It’s the End of the Year as We Know It

I’ve discovered where the performers who aren’t good enough for Storyland go: to the HumAnimals show at Jungle Island, which, apparently, is an “artistic fusion between the human and animal worlds.” In other words, it’s a bunch of not-quite-there acrobats in really bad costumes. Welcome to Miami, folks. The boy and I are at Jungle […]

Soothing South Beach

The purging of the medicine cabinet has gone. Two bottles of Nyquil from August 2008 have hit the trash. I’m debating the 2000 Vicks Rub, because, really, it’s just a smelly thing. Maybe it’s still okay? Or maybe I’m just turning into my parents? We’ve been here for four days and there’s much to report, […]


Dropping Pie at preschool today, I fully expected a completely meltdown. She bawled for an hour on the flight home last night because she wanted the Nana. Her first words upon waking this morning were, “I want Nana!” But it’s when you most expect anything from children that it least happens and vice-versa, isn’t it? […]