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The Energizer Bunnies of Haus Fraus

Max Fish. Site of many post-college nights that, frankly, they all blur into one drunken night. But Max Fish is where I spent much of my time, and I was eager to go with Scooby and Sunrise. So we walk down to Ludlow Street only to find… … a line. A line? At Max Fish? […]

Mars Bar Adventures

My friend, Angela, thought I was going to give you the finale (I’m not sure if anyone other than Angela is reading this, but I’m happy writing just for you, Angela!). Little does she understand that one blog post cannot contain the hours of 1 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. adequately. So we’ll call this Finale, […]

And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Blog…

Saturday morning. Keep in mind, I had half a bottle of Prosecco (because no way could Tweeds and my friend keep up with me) and three lemon drop martinis the night before. So what the’s only logical thing to do on a Saturday morning? Why, go for a six-mile run with Beetle and Keaton, of […]

Random Thoughts

I am on the Acela headed south to New York City. (Whenever I say “New York City,” I think of that old salsa ad.) So you, my friends (or whoever you are), will be subject to my random thoughts of the moment. —I sent in my marketing materials to my agent, but haven’t gotten feedback […]

My Night

Adam is having dinner on what is arguably the world’s largest yacht (and apparently it is up for debate). This is the life he now apparently leads. The life I lead involves leftover pasta, an iPhone on rice, the girl’s multiple nightmares, and the week-old dirty socks I just found in the boy’s backpack. Minutes […]

Signs of Spring

It must be spring. The air is warmer. Birds are chirping. The boy is begging to ride his bike. I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. The girls is asking to go about in just a bathing suit. Wait, what? No, no, no. I definitely did not wear my capris with the shallow back pocket […]

The Many Lives of Jenny Brown

I attend parties in Dubai. I pick up after weddings, especially weddings where the bride and groom have trouble lighting the unity candle. I fly from London to Salt Lake City. I take Musical Theater and/or Dance Fusion. I’ve rented cars in Dallas. I’ve put down deposits on apartments. I receive recipes, offensive e-mail forwards, […]

One, Two, Three…

First, let me tell you, the sheet is still on the front porch. It’s moved a little, from the swing to the ground, but it’s still there. At this point, it’s just kind of blending in with the scenery. Second, I’m feeling a little adrift because my revisions are in, Teacher Appreciation Week is over, […]

Royally Early

I was tweeting the wedding, but I’m not one to keep my thoughts to 140 characters so I decided I’d rather share them on the blog. Here they are in all their randomness. If you have no interest in the wedding, just move along. —Am I watching the royal wedding because I happen to be […]

Sheet, Sheet, Sheet!

Here’s the dilemma: About a month ago, my son borrowed (with permission) a sheet to build a teepee in the backyard. About 3 1/2 weeks ago, we had a snow, so my son brought the sheet to the front porch. It’s been sitting there ever since. Do I: —Bring the sheet in, carry it upstairs, […]