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Best Laid Plans…

This was the plan for tonight: Adam comes home early to put Pie to bed. I take Doodles to his first Track and Field class. We come home, Doodles goes to bed, Adam makes me a martini. I serve the lovely shrimp ceviche for our dinner, followed by some lovely chocolate chip cookies baked this […]

Water Water Everywhere

I went to Starbucks this morning. So I made myself a cup of coffee. To bring with me. Because Starbucks isn’t serving coffee. Duh. It’s teacher appreciation week. And, somehow, I ended up co-chairing it with Beetle. I seem to recall the previous chair saying things like, “Oh it’s practically nothing.” “You seem like a […]


Dropping Pie at preschool today, I fully expected a completely meltdown. She bawled for an hour on the flight home last night because she wanted the Nana. Her first words upon waking this morning were, “I want Nana!” But it’s when you most expect anything from children that it least happens and vice-versa, isn’t it? […]