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Snow Day

We all react to the snow in different ways. While a Sunday snow day is not a terrible thing, I was a bit disappointed because I had been looking forward to a few weekend activities that had to be reshuffled. The Tweedle Twirp was going to come visit, but that got canceled, which also means […]

Baker, Baker, Bake Me a Treat

If you’re wondering where your holiday card is, it’s right here because I’m supposed to be writing them right now, but instead, here I am on my blog. Oh well! I’m not excited about this year’s cards because Adam was in charge of proofreading and I should know better than to let an MBA proofread; […]

Drink Your Gin and Tonica and Smoke Your Marijunica

Tonight begins eight days and nights of greasy, oily skin… I mean Hanukkah! Hanukkah officially began about two hours ago, and I’ve already had latkes three times this season. Ugh. Today I went into Doodles’s class to make latkes, but first I had to experiment and make them last week, because–due to allergies–I needed to […]

From the Mouths of Babes

Conversation with the Tweedle Twirp and her pregnant friend, kids playing nearby.Me: And so then I got dressed for the party [my grandfather’s 90th birthday party in Miami in July]. I was eight months pregnant and something just didn’t look right. I called the Tweedle Twirp in and said, “What is wrong with this outfit? […]

Crafty Holiday

Speaking of holiday projects, I make these ornament gift tags for my non-Jewish friends; I’m trying to think what I could do with them so I could give them to Jewish friends. Someone suggested putting a magnet on them, but I’m not sure that would work well. Any ideas? I can’t show you the cutest […]

Let the Holiday Season Commence

Our weekend of butter winds down as we prepare for a week of oil. Dust covers the floor of the basement exercise room. A set of tools is in the middle of the upstairs bathroom. A flashlight is lying on the bedroom floor. A random set of shelves is in the hallway. Lumber is scattered […]

Tis the Night Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. I love turkey and pumpkins and cranberry sauce. I love having a holiday that I celebrate the same as everyone else. I love the holiday cheer and the start of the full-fledged holiday season. I love the parade and the fall weather. I love Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving also brings out the difference […]


What happens when you make apple muffins in the shape of pumpkins? You confuse the hell out of six-year-old boys. Halloween is not my favorite holiday. My childhood memories are not to be relied upon, but I remember it feeling very stressful, this whole dressing up. It always seemed to be some last minute scramble […]

Pass the Matzah

Why was that night different from all other nights? Because it was the first night I was able to host a dinner for 18 people and not stress about it! There was plenty of room in our house, the fridge amply held all the food, I had plenty of burners for cooking, and I could […]

Ten… Nine… Eight…

The problem with keeping a blog is there’s this feeling of obligation to post something significant on the last day of the year. To do some sort of witty, or at the least, poignant, wrap up of the previous year. To ponder on what the coming year will bring. You know that’s not going to […]