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Clean Living the Hard Way

The kids come home this Sunday. Which means time is running out for my husband. Every night we have this conversation: Him: What do you want for dinner? I can pick something up. Me: Mega Stuf Oreos. Him: Indian? Me: Mega Stuf Oreos. Him: We could do Thai. Me: I want Mega Stuf Oreos. I […]

When I’m 44 (Plus One)…

Two old ladies walk into a bar. No, it’s not a joke; it was last weekend. With Doodles still at camp (a representative letter: “Send me more books. I ate a hot dog and a hamburger today. I’m having fun”), and Adam continuing to do this thing he calls “work,” Pie and I snuck off […]

Drink, Drank, Drunk

Last weekend was my almost-annual girls’ trip to New York City. The weekend was relatively tamer, but no less fun, than previous trips. On Thursday morning, before I left, I was in the shower, which seems to be Pie’s favorite place to have a conversation with me. Adam was in there getting ready for work. […]

Our Children Know Us *Too* Well

My husband’s all-time favorite restaurant is Yardbird in Miami. It’s got bacon. It’s got fried chicken. It’s got bourbon. We were waiting for our three-month window so we could make our holiday reservation. Done! When we were last there, Adam bemoaned the fact that they didn’t have T-shirts for sale. He’s been hounding the site […]

Post-Bourbon Blues

Ah, the return to civilization. It’s never pretty, is it? That forced detox when the bourbon doesn’t come three times a day (although to be honest, the first drink of the day was generally vodka as we never made it to the brunch that serves a bourbon bloody Mary, and I did love the gin-focused […]

Rough Life

Vacation dilemma #1: What will the holiday drink be? I’m a firm believer that Whiskey Sours shouldn’t be drunk when it’s above 50 degrees. Mojitos? Possibly. A little out of season, but still acceptable in this 78 degree weather. Lemon-Drop Martinis? Always a safe go-to drink. Tonight, alone with my husband (can you imagine?) at […]

Movie Night Gone Family

I realize that I’ve been lame of late. Adam’s office party was simply disappointing. I mean, the party was great. But my general behavior was so good that it it was terrible. Then a few nights later, we went to a swanky 40th birthday party for an old friend of Adam’s. The whiskey sour was […]

Under My Host

My lovely hubby just made me the most lovely whiskey sour to put me in the appropriate (non-suicidal) Dorothy Parker state of mind for my Nanowrimoing this evening (she may have written about martinis, but she was a fan of the whiskey sour, which I think is my new drink). It’s good to be me. […]

Drink, Drank, Drunk

This piece on Flavorwire on “How to Drink Like Your Favorite Author” was illuminating. At the moment, I drink mostly like Hemingway. In the winter, I’m more of an Anne Sexton drinker, which disappoints because I’ve always considered myself a Dorothy Parker kind of gal (without the suicide though). But I’m not sure I’m a […]

Pancakes at Sunrise for Sunrise

Pancakes. Pancakes is where this story is going to end. (Every blog post reminds me of a song. This time, I’m humming the Sunday’s “Here’s Where the Story Ends.” I should figure out how to post a playlist on this blog so you can get the same damn tunes stuck in your head.) Pancakes. But […]