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How Old Do You Think I Am?

The boy: Why do you have a thing on your bulletin board that says, “God bless you. Stay strong. Kick it. Billy Blanks”? Me: When I was at Amazon, I used to interview people for the Web site. Billy Blanks had a series of workout videos called Tae-Bo that I really liked. When I interviewed […]

Would I Lie to You?

Hungry, desperate furloughed-government officials came knocking on the door this afternoon. The only thing that I had that would cheer them up was a Charleston Chew bar of my daughter. I sent them on their way with the chocolate and that, my dear daughter, is why your candy bar is missing. There is no other […]

Define “Too Much Sugar”

Q: How many servings of candy corn are there in a nine-serving bag of Brach’s candy corn? Sorry, that was a trick question. Because all of you, knowing me, would answer, “One.” But I’m PMSing, which means it’s really only about 3/4th of a serving. But what to do what that needed additional 1/4th? How […]

Doodles Can’t Read

I asked my son to read me the weather report but he said he couldn’t. What exactly is he learning in that school of his?

Ice Ice, Baby!

Minke whale and puffin on the menu Gullfoss Waterfall Helicopters over Reykjavik Toto, I don’t think we’re in Boston anymore! Hello, Iceland!

Where in the World Are Doodles and Pie?

Off on another grand adventure! This time to…

Interview with a Ten Year Old

Me: What’s today? 10 year old: My birthday Me: How do you know it’s your birthday? 10 year old: Because we have stuff like calendars and computers and stuff and also I know because I know when camp ended and I knew certain days after that and blah blah blah. Me: How does it feel […]

This Is What Camp Does to Parents

While the posting of pictures and blog entries is all fine and dandy for the camp to do, it turns me into an analytical mess while I try to detect every emotional nuance from the slight glimpses of my children I see in the photos. Me: I NEED PICTURES! Adam: i saw his head in […]

The Sounds of Silence

I thought that by rationing out my gummy bears into a cute little bowl, it would prevent me from overdoing it on the candy. Turns out, I was wrong. But it’s okay, because with the kids gone, I’m not getting in enough steps on my pedometer (most steps were spent walking Pie to camp, walking […]

Waiting for Summer to Start

While everyone else is frolicking in pools and lakes, sending kids off to sleepaway camp, embarking on fabulous summer vacations, we are… still going to school. Thanks to the wealth of snow days plus a few Hurricane Sandy days thrown in, Pie and Doodles are in school till Friday, which is miserable given the lack […]