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Reason #254 That My Husband Annoys Me

I took Adam’s phone because he has Spotfiy on it, and I had a sudden craving to dance to George Michael with my children. But then my children were sent to bed because they were being annoying. This annoying thing runs in the family.

Adam: Can you hand me my phone?

Me: What if I want to listen to music?

Adam: You’ll have to wait because I need to upgrade my iPhone to IOS 7.

Me: What’s that?

Adam: Didn’t you hear? Apple announced it’s new operating system today. I’m going to upgrade to it.

Me: I want to upgrade.

Adam: You can’t. I’m registered as a developer so I can upgrade. You can’t. You’ll just have to wait for the masses to get it. Besides, you’re not a beta kind of person.

Me: Yes, I am!

Adam: Nah, you say, “Oh, this isn’t working!” and I say, “Because it’s beta,” and you say, “Make it work!”

Me: That’s not true! And besides, why do you get it? You’re not a developer? You’re product.

Adam: I am everything. Understand?

Oh, I understand. I understand better than he thinks. This “I am everything” crap is going to be pulled out… well, daily. He is welcome to be “everything.” And when you’re phone crashes, I’m going to have a glass of wine and enjoy my IOS 6.