Such Delicate Little Flowers

November 28th, 2012 Comments Off on Such Delicate Little Flowers

Yesterday was gray and snowy. I was sitting warm and cozy at my computer, getting some writing done when the phone rang.

Me: Hello?
Voice: Hi. My socks got really wet at recess. I need you to bring me new socks.
Me: First things first. Which child of mine is this?
Voice: Doodles.
Me: Okay, Doodles. Now, what?
The boy: At recess my socks got soaking wet. I need you to bring me new socks.
Me: Um, no.
The boy: My feet are really wet! I can’t wear these socks!
Me: It’s one o’clock. School gets out in an hour and fifteen minutes. You’ll be fine.
The boy: They are really wet.
Me: I’m not walking over to school an hour before it’s over to bring you socks. It’s snowing out!
The boy, clearly exasperated: I know! That’s why how my socks got wet!
Me: Take off your socks and go sockless for the next hour.
The boy: My feet will be cold!
Me: I’m a mean mommy. I’ll come by before the bell rings to bring you socks so you don’t have to go home with cold wet socks.
The boy: Fine!

I get to school shortly before the bell and I go to the boy’s 4th grade classroom.

Teacher: Ah, Doodles, here are some socks for you!
Me: Did you really let him call me to bring him socks an hour before school gets out?
Teacher, laughing: I did! You know, he never complains, so when he did, I figured I’d let him call.
Me: You’re crazy! Boy, tell your teacher what the family motto is!
The boy: Suck it up.
Teacher laughs.
Me: Next time the boy has an issue like this, remind him of the family motto!

Freakin’ fragile child. Where do these kids come from?

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