iPhone Talk

October 5th, 2011 § 1 comment

Me: Have you ordered my iPhone 5 yet?
Adam: You know they may not announce an iPhone 5. There’s talk that it’ll be a iPhone 4s.
Me: I. Want. My. iPhone. 5. NOW!
Adam: Okay, Veruca.

Tuesday afternoon:
Other people at dance class were talking about phones, so I jumped in.
Me: I totally want a new iPhone.
Friend at dance class: What are the new features that you’re interested in?
Me: My favorite feature is that it hasn’t been dropped in a toilet.

Adam: So seriously, do you want me to order you a new iPhone 4s?
Me: YES!
Adam: Which one do you want?
Me: Any one that hasn’t been dropped into a toilet.
Adam: Yet….

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  • carol says:

    A chip off the old block–your parents have already gotten in line. (You can’t reserve on the net unless you have a plan you’re sticking to, and we’re switching to Verizon)

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