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September 22nd, 2011 § 1 comment

First off, we’re home late because we have to go to instrument pick-up, which is the definition of clusterf*ck, with seven elementary schools picking up instruments at the middle school. The smallest size viola… is still a smidgen big for my peanut. But it’s okay. Because I learned tonight what “I liked the sound of the viola better” means. It means “when they demonstrated instruments at school, they played the theme to Star Wars on the viola.” Marketing works, folks!

We get home and I tell the boy to get himself into bed. He does, and then I get a phone call from the mom of a classmate. “J. doesn’t have the complete list of spelling words. He only has the first twelve. Can you give me the other twelve?”

To which I, of course, replied, “What list?”

She said, “For tomorrow’s spelling test.”

To which I, of course, replied, “What test?”

I go upstairs and tell my boy to tear himself away from his Calvin and Hobbes book. “What’s up with this spelling list?”

Boy: Huh?
Me: You have a list of spelling words?
Boy: Oh, yeah. I didn’t take it home. I have all the words memorized.
Me: Oh, really? I just happen to have half the list of words. Spell “quiet.”
Boy: Q-u-i-t.
I raise my eyebrows.
Boy: Uh… e!
Me: No.
Me: Spell “giant.”
Boy: G-i-e… No, a! No, e! No, a! n-t.
Me: Spell “cease” as in “cease and desist.”
Boy: S-e-a-c-e.
Me: No.
Boy: S-e-a-s-e.
Me: No.
Boy: S-e—
Me: No.
Boy: S—
Me: No.
Boy: S—
Me: No!
Boy: S?
Me: No!
Boy: C-e-a-c—
Me: No.
Boy: C-e-a-s-e.
Me: Yes.
Boy: Got it!

He’s his father’s child. Always certain, often wrong.

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  • Angela says:

    Haha! Cute post! They can be such little buggers sometimes, can’t they? I love the reasoning behind choosing the viola, lol. The mom of my son’s friend was telling me how excited she was that her son wanted to join choir. Then my son chimed in, “He’s just doing it so he can go to Cedar Point (amusement park) at the end of the year.” Yep, clever marketing ;o)

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