Pass the Matzah

April 12th, 2009 § 3 comments

Why was that night different from all other nights? Because it was the first night I was able to host a dinner for 18 people and not stress about it! There was plenty of room in our house, the fridge amply held all the food, I had plenty of burners for cooking, and I could relax knowing that with 8 adults and 10 kids, it didn’t really matter what I did because the night would be such complete chaos that no one would know what the heck I did. The only downer of it was that Doodles has some sort of weird something that’s been going around, where during the day he seems pretty fine, but he tends to run a fever at night, so he’s been homebound and lethargic for a while.

So I was pleased with the way the seder went–I went a little cheesy at points (the Pharaoh called in the middle to demand the kids build pyramids; I messed up the story of the Exodus and had to give the kids prizes); Pie complained about my singing (she covered my mouth and whined, “No, Mommy! No!”) although she executed one of the four questions beautifully, if through tears {she had been injured in rough Passover play); I had to simply yell the end of the seder to be heard over the kids (“NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM!”); but the food was eaten, the wine was drunk, conversations seemed to flow, and we made it through the (homemade) haggadah. What else can you ask for?

But now we are in the middle of Passover, and all I can do is despair that my diet is normally absolutely, completely, and totally carb based. Sushi on Saturdays. Spaghetti once or twice a week. Rice, tortillas, bread. Snacks are popcorn, veggie chips, snap pea crisps. Passover isn’t a big deal in the sense of “Oh my gosh, how will I make it!” because really, it’s a freakin’ week. I can eat this way for a week (although Doodles is another story–that kid may starve before the week is over; the kids are eating about a dozen eggs a day. Pie woke up yesterday morning crying, “I want Cheerios! I want Mighty Bites!”). But it’s a big deal in, “Oh my God, what is my diet?” Every Passover I swear I’ll eat better. And for one week, I generally do. More fruit. More veggies. This is the way we’re supposed to be eating. All year. Not just at Passover.

Of course, it might all be negated by how much matzah and jelly and matzah and cheese and matzah and cream cheese I eat. And the candy fruit slices. I do eat a lot of candy fruit slices. And the Passover brownies. They’re actually better than normal brownies. I mean, how can you go wrong with any recipe that starts with two sticks of butter (and every Passover recipe starts with two sticks of butter and a dozen eggs).

Tonight’s dinner is a veggie lasagna (zucchini instead of noodles). It’ll be nice and healthy. Which is good, because I just got another box of fruit slices. The yellow ones are the best!

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  • Nina says:

    The seder night was fantastic. I can only imagine how much preparation/cooking/cleaning went into it and I cannot imagine how you did it with 2 kids on hand (one being sick and all). Thanks again!
    So one cannot eat any kind of carbs, except maza on Passover?

  • Jenny says:

    I’m not expert, but nothing with grains. Here, I turn to the expert, Wikipedia: “Chametz is a product that is (a) made from one of five types of grains; (b) has been combined with water and left to stand for longer than eighteen minutes without being baked.”

    Because we’re Ashkenazi, we also don’t eat kitniyot, which is food that could be mistaken for grains (I know, ridiculous!). Because of Doodles’s eating habits, we’ve loosened the requirements slightly and allow him peanut butter and hummus. But we are eating A LOT of eggs around here for the under 6 set. I’m eating a lovely range of fruits and veggies, including WAY too many strawberries sprinkled with sugar, pepper, lemon, and balsamic vinegar. In fact, I’m thinking of whipping up another batch tonight to put over ice cream! 🙂

  • Nina says:

    Oy, I wouldn’t have been able to survive a week with kids on this kind of diet :(. I am glad the strawberries have lightened the load a bit.

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