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More Political Upheaval

Me, pulling out “The Official Massachusetts Information for Voters” guide: I have no idea what else I’m voting for.
[Note, for those of you not on Facebook, Adam and I have moved our dispute over there, and he wrote: “actually, I’ll just come out and say it- I’m voting for Obama. Reluctantly, but he’s the better of the two choices.”]
Adam: What else is there?
Me: Well, I know I’m voting no on question 1, which eliminates personal income tax.
Adam: Isn’t prop 2 about marijuana?
Me: Um [flipping pages]. Yeah, it is.
Adam: How are you voting on it.
Me, scanning the copy: I’m voting yes. [“A Yes vote would replace the criminal penalties for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana with a new system of civil penalties.”]
Adam: I’m absolutely voting no.
Me: Really?
Adam: Yes! That’s like an invitation to drug dealers. “Go ahead! Sell an ounce of pot to anyone you like!”
Me: So when they come to cart me away, you’ll just be like, “Tough shit?”
Adam: Pretty much.

Just when I thought we’d finally come to terms politically in this household….